Yoga Connection offers basic yoga, beginner yoga and gentle yoga classes in Pretoria East and Centurion
We specialise in gentle yoga, basic beginners classes and more energizing general classes for the physically stronger students

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Yoga Connection




Yoga Connection was established in 1999 and has two branches – in Brooklyn, Pretoria East and in Centurion.  Yoga Connection aspires to making Yoga accessible to everyone by removing the stigma of strangeness that sometimes surrounds this practice in the west. Our practise shows that yoga is nothing more than sheer common sense.

Chir Pine Meditation Garden Mural

We welcome EVERYONE from 12 years onwards - you are never too old to start with us. We try to cater to all. We specialise in gentle yoga, basic beginners classes which are useful to open all major joints and relax tense muscles and improve the flow of energy through the body.  For the more experienced in yoga and physically stronger students we offer more energizing general classes.

We offer the following styles of yoga:

  • Instruction in classical Hatha (physical) yoga
  • Beginners/Basic Yoga
  • General Yoga Classes
  • Advanced Iyengar Yoga Classes
  • Prenatal Yoga

Our classes are held in comfortably carpeted and heated studios in sub-urban garden settings in Brooklyn, Pretoria East and Bronberrik, Centurion.

The yoga we practise is well suited to:

  • Managing and controlling stress
  • Improving well being - the union of body, mind and spirit
  • Maintenance of general good health
  • Toning and strengthening the muscles
  • Improving flexibility and circulation
  • Balancing the hormonal system

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Preggie Yoga

At Yoga Connection we have special classes in ante-natal yoga, also known as pre-natal yoga or preggie yoga.  Preggie Yoga is suitable for beginners, through to advanced yogini’s.

 It is effortless, non-strenuous and has a meditational quality, connecting to the sources of energy that empower women to create and give birth to a new life. A quiet, inner confidence then enables women to be an example to their families.

Through Preggie Yoga, muscle tone is strengthened and improved, bringing flexibility to hips, pelvis and spine. Backache is relieved and posture corrected, making for a more comfortable pregnancy. The postures widen the pelvic diameters, positioning baby properly.

Yoga encourages relaxation and a woman forms a bond with her baby from conception, through birth and beyond. Friendships are formed with like-minded people between Moms, Dads and babies!

Meditations and workshops
We offer regular meditation on Monday evenings for approximately an hour. The offerings vary, being guided and drawing on the most popular practices.

Family Constellations
Family Constellations
is a healing modality, which gives you the opportunity to explore the deeper, unconscious dynamics in your family system The method of Family Constellations creates the context in which it becomes possible to understand the impact of unresolved family issues and how we are sometimes influenced by the fates of our forefathers.

Yoga Teachers Course
Charene at the Centurion Yoga Connection offers accredited and recognised training. Please contact her for details


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4 week meditation course

Brooklyn Yoga Centre

We offer the following styles of yoga:

- Instruction in classical Hatha (physical) yoga
- Gentle/Beginners/Basic Yoga
- General Yoga Classes
- Iyengar
- Flow Yoga
- Prenatal Yoga

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Centurion Yoga Centre

Call Charene at: Cell : 082 572 4880

Address: 107 Pine Avenue, Bronberrik

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